By Praise Etoh

It was a Thursday morning, 7:30a.m. I felt too lazy to drive my car, so my son booked a taxi. In five minutes, the taxi reached at the entrance gate, waiting for my arrival. I just saw the cab number and entered inside the car. I was so busy that I didn’t pay any attention towards the driver. I was searching for an important paper from my leather bag, so instantly said, ‘Please, go quick! I’m in a hurry!’

The voice came, ‘Yes, Sir!’

I was literally surprised when I heard a female voice! I stopped my work for a second and looked at the driver. The driver was a young lady. Maybe, around thirty or thirty-two! For the first time, I saw a lady, driving a taxi!

The car was running on the national high-way towards the destination. It was quite a distance from my home. She was driving perfectly well. Hundred times, I had travelled in taxi, but never I saw any lady, driving a taxi! I didn’t know, why I became so enthusiastic to know why she had chosen this profession. I started the conversation,’If you don’t mind, can I ask you some questions?’

‘Yes, Sir! No problem.’

‘I guess, you are well qualified!’

‘Yes, Sir!I have completed my education. I have done my MBA course.

‘Oh, wow!!! Why did you then choose this profession, instead of going for an academic career?’

I could see her face in the rear view mirror. She smiled and the way she expressed her views, I was really amazed!

Very politely, she said, ‘Driving was my passion from my childhood, sir! Of course I do respect each and every job. In this case, at least I fulfilled my desire! I love driving! I don’t mind for big or small job. I wanted a job where I can get satisfaction. I got offers from m.n.c but this one I preferred because I like it! I know, I can’t get enough money out of it, yet as I told you ‘I love driving’!That’s it!’

‘But, are you not scared of any danger? You know, there are some people who create problems for ladies.”

With a smile, she answered,’We can not give up our living just because of a few trouble makers! By the way, which zone is danger free, Sir? Once we are out of our homes, we must prepared to face problems.’

‘Of course, you are absolutely right!!! Nowhere is safe, but yet…’ before I completed my speech, she chuckled and said,’Sir! As long as I am getting humble and gentle passengers, I have no problem but every time I may not be that lucky! If ever that awkward situation comes, I will see! Why should I give off my hope just for an uncertainty?’

Frankly speaking, I was totally flattered with her bold answers and especially her brave heart and courage!

Within our conversation, we already reached at the destination. I was so delighted that I couldn’t resist myself, said,’May God bless you, my dear!!! I am proud of your noble thoughts! Keep going!’

She smiled at me with gratitude and slowly pushed the accelerator to move forward. I had enough work to do but unconsciously my mind was fully occupied with her answers and I thought,’Truly, how fast ‘Time’ is changing! There was a time when girls were choosing only prestigious jobs, once they were highly qualified but how easily this girl defined the boundary of ‘job’ within two words ‘self satisfaction’! Let the rest of the world deeply understand the importance and value of ‘the flow of time’!

(C)Ajiri Etoh


Attend A Free Industry-Wide Professional Course On Anti Corruption

In commemoration of the International Anti-corruption Day 2017, the Young Anti-corruption Enthusiasts in Sub Saharan Africa is organizing a Free Industry-Wide Professional Course On Anti Corruption.

This is free industry-wide professional course on anti-corruption for Sub Saharan African economy. This edition is exclusively designed for young graduates and professionals in Nigeria to educate them on how to join the good fight of anti-corruption across the nation.

The following are the topics that would be addressed at the event:

Session 1:

Basic anti-corruption education.
Facilitator: Akindele Fayombo CCEP-I

Session 2: 
Nigeria Now: What corruption is doing to us and why we must take action.
Facilitator: Adedotun Akintola-Idowu

Session 3: 
Standing for integrity in the midst of a corrupt system.
Facilitator: Obaromine Ohwojero

Session 4: 
Creating and leading an anticorruption dream team.
Facilitator: Tolu’ Sobande

Time: 10:00am 

Venue: Rita’s Events & Suites.
12/14, charity Road, New Oko-oba, Agege, Lagos Mainland.

For Enquiries: Call Remi @ 07014828039

Let’s be United Against Corruption.

13 Fascinating Facts About Lions

Lions are known for their elegance, fierceness, strength and majestic gait which earned them the nickname “king of the jungle”. The male lions are exceptional amongst other feline family due to their thick and intimidating manes which surround their necks.

According to the National Geographic, the roar of a mature-adult lion which can be horrifying and frightening can be heard 8 kilometers away.

Lions are found in major natural parks in Eastern Africa and parts of Central Africa and India. The notable parks are the magnificent Serengeti National Park and Krugar National Park. Likewise, in Nigeria, the Kainji Lake National Park and Yankari Games Reserve are the two reserves with few of the remaining lions in West Africa.

Some of the several facts about Lions are listed below.

  1. Lions live in groups called prides, which comprise of related lionesses and their dependent offspring along with two or three unrelated males. As soon as the dependent young lion becomes independent, he may decide to form its own pride.
  2. A male lion weighs about 226 kilograms, which is about the weight of 4 adult humans.
  3. Lions live in grasslands and plains and not the jungle or rain forest as usually depicted.
  4. Lionesses are in charge of hunting while the male lions stay home and watch over the pride.
  5. A baby lion is called a cub or a lionet.
  6. If a lion misses its target on the first run, it usually abandons the chase.
  7. Lions can survive for long periods without water, getting much of what they need from the moisture content of their prey.
  1. Lionesses with their female cubs live together for life while the male cubs must venture out on their own once they reach maturity.
  2. Lions are the only member of the feline family with manes which makes them appear larger and more intimidating.
  3. Some countries make use of the lion symbol in their emblem. Countries like Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Singapore all regard the lion as their national symbol.
  4. Brands like Peugeot, Lions club, MGM Studios, Lonsdale, Premier League also make use of the Lion emblem.
  5. Lions are regarded as vulnerable in the conservation status of the International Union of Conservation of Nature.
  6. There are lists of lion movies as well. Movies like: Lion King, the Ghost and the Darkness, the last lions, prey and African cats.

Low Voters Turnout in Anambra: the reasons and implications

The Anambra state gubernatorial elections have come and gone. However, the low turnout of voters remains a cause for concern.

As reported by the Independent Electoral Commission’s returning officer for Anambra, Zana Akpagu, “a total of 2,064,134 registered as eligible voters out of which only 448,771 actually cast their votes”. Statistically, only 22% of registered eligible voters ended up casting their votes.

One can only attribute this low turn out to the rising incidence of political and voter apathy which had characterized previous elections in Nigeria as well as the distrust of electorates against politicians.

Furthermore, the socioeconomic and education level can also be linked to an electorate’s propensity to vote. The issue of religious and ethnic bias, as well as perceived electoral violence, also has its role in the decision to vote. Other causes can also come from alleged intimidation from security agents, stress encountered from the malfunctioning of card readers, non-flexibility of the entire electoral system and security threats issued by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The grave consequences and impact of the aforementioned causes on our democracy cannot be overemphasized. It threatens democracy and weakens the foundations and core principles of electoral processes. Unfortunately, the docility of Nigerian electorates towards political participation is being capitalized on by politicians to manipulate elections to the detriment of the citizens who are so ignorant of the power of their votes.

In other to avert this growing trend of voter apathy, there is a need for an effective voter education to be fused into the existing academic curriculum. Also, Civil Society Organizations and religious institutions need to embark on a large-scale citizen enlightenment campaign before the 2019 General elections.

Flexibility in electoral processes will no doubt improve turn out of electorates. This must reflect on initiating technology and eliminating the common cases of card reader malfunction. Policies that improve flexibility in the area of registration timing, location and procedures should also be adjusted.

Conclusively, issues regarding loss of voter’s card and change of location should be addressed as electorates should be able to vote wherever they find themselves so long they have their profiles on INEC’s database.


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