Fojen FoundationBy William Bright-
Majority of students who graduate complain there is no job out there. Maybe not majority, but at least a significant amount of graduates do. Companies complain that these graduates aren’t employable, Universities complain these students were un-serious and not ready to advance themselves. But did they ever sit to ask the question whether they prepared us well enough for this after school life of insecurities where your certificate and skills define you? No! They haven’t, they don’t, but I hope they start soon. Because the more this goes on, the more we have to depend on Programs such as THE CORPORATE YOUTH INITIATIVE organized by the FOJEN FOUNDATION of FOJEN POTENTIAL LIMITED to be half or near half as qualified for the outside world. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, in reality these are the type of programs that prepare us for that “school after life”. My point? #TooMuchTheory TooLessPractical #FojenPotential #FojenFoundation 

About Kehinde Richard Fashua
I am a passionate citizen who loves solving challenges and answering geo-questions via research & analytics for insight delivery and goodwill of brands. My specialties are in Research, Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis, GIS Analysis/Geo-analytics, Remote Sensing, Digital Communication, Public Relations and Graphics Design

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