The Student Union Government of The Federal College of Fisheries and marine Technology in Partnership with Fojen Foundation Presents THE CORPORATE YOUTH INITIATIVE.

Fojen Foundation is a youth empowerment programme designed to focus on preparing final year undergraduates for the corporate environment[Labor Market] through ENLIGHTENMENT and SKILL DEVELOPMENT.


  • Understanding corporate systems, Management and Ethnics.
  • 6 months internship programs (offered to the best students graded from our online test).
  • Certificate of Attendance.
  • Free self development literature materials[offered to the best interactive students]

DATE: 21st-22nd july 2016
(21st- intensive training, 22nd-Questions/Answers/Career Counseling Sessions)
VENUE: Student Hall
TIME: 10am
BREAK: 45 mins

For more details visit the social media sites:




About Kehinde Richard Fashua
I am a passionate citizen who loves solving challenges and answering geo-questions via research & analytics for insight delivery and goodwill of brands. My specialties are in Research, Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis, GIS Analysis/Geo-analytics, Remote Sensing, Digital Communication, Public Relations and Graphics Design

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