You can modify your own Micro Climate










1) Plant cover trees in your compound(so important).
2)Use colours with high intrinsic brightness for painting the house.
3)If possible do not level concrete on the compound ground,but plant grasses in lieu.
4)Use roofing sheets with high reflective coefficient ratio or albedo.
5)Fences should not be constructed so high.

6)Let the building orientation not obstruct the direction of oncoming wind(building climatology)
7)Have a device you can use to harness the climate system for youur use(solar panels,rain water harvesting etc..)
In all, Dont let d climate change u!!


About Kehinde Richard Fashua
I am a passionate citizen who loves solving challenges and answering geo-questions via research & analytics for insight delivery and goodwill of brands. My specialties are in Research, Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis, GIS Analysis/Geo-analytics, Remote Sensing, Digital Communication, Public Relations and Graphics Design

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