Preventing flood disaster in 2013

Flooding is an old age natural disaster affecting many nations in the world. In recent years flood have cause a lot of damage in the world in Nigeria is not an exception. The heavy rains at the end of August and the beginning of September in 2012 led to serious floods in some parts of the country. In fact many of the affected people and state are yet to recover from the damages of the flooding disaster.

Mainly, flood arises when it rains or snows. Some of the water is retained by the soil, some is absorbed by vegetation, some evaporates, and the remainder, which reaches stream channels, called runoff (water soil and vegetation cannot absorb)
Water then runs off the land in quantities that cannot be carried in stream channels or retained in natural ponds and constructed reservoirs.

In Nigeria it is evident that the citizens heighten the cause of flood, by blocking waterways with dirts, lack of drainage system in some community and felling of trees.

Floods do not only damage property and endanger the lives of humans and animals, but have other effects as well. Rapid runoff causes soil erosion as well as sediment deposition problems downstream.

Bridge abutments, bank lines, sewer outfalls, and other structures within flood ways are damaged, and navigation and hydroelectric power are often impaired. Financial losses due to floods are commonly billions of naira each year.

In 2012, according to The National Emergency Management Agency (Nema) Nigeria floods displaced two million, killed 363, 18,282 people were injured, many properties and farmlands were destroyed and washed away.

Adamawa and Kogi state suffered the worst casualties, with more than 18,000 people being injured. In Ibadan several houses in Iwo road, Bodija, Bashorun, Akobi and Ash were evacuated because of severe flooding.

Entering into another rainy season, it has been forecast that this year flooding will be more than last year. It is therefore a thing of necessity for Nigerians to prepare for this and prevent the coming flood.


About Kehinde Richard Fashua
I am a passionate citizen who loves solving challenges and answering geo-questions via research & analytics for insight delivery and goodwill of brands. My specialties are in Research, Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis, GIS Analysis/Geo-analytics, Remote Sensing, Digital Communication, Public Relations and Graphics Design

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